Our insulated containers are produce from best materials only, from food grade virgin USDA/FDA/EU approved polyethylene. That's why they are extremely resistant for mechanical damage and quite flexible to avoid braking under high force strike. Can be delivery in various sizes.

They might be using on fishing boats, for food service, grocery whole sale, food processing, fish processing industrial applications, pet food production and transport and high capacity food storage. PUR isolation keeps required temperature for a long time and special smooth surface allows for quick and convenient cleaning.

Lid is fixed by strong rubber straps placed on each corner which allows for easily opening from all sides of container. Each container is equipped by outflow with seal.

Insulated container R220

Kontener izolowanyThis is the smallest container offered by Aquano.
Is's the best way to keep and storage small dimensions materials, such as fresh fish.

Isulated layer keeps low temerature inside.

Exterior: 98x59x57,5(cm)
Interior: 90x51x51 (cm)
Weight: 21kg
Capacity: 220 L
Matherial: PE + PUR

Product characteristics :

  • perfect isolation
  • small sizes
  • high quality
  • avaliable in many colors
  • stackable 4 pcs/max
  • maximum load stack o 4 bins 850 kg
  • avaliable with lid and rubber belts on each corner for closing