Products designed for a wide range of application, begining from the high seas to procssing and transport. Equipt in special crainage system.

All kinds are very resistant and durable.Each type is stackable. Different shapes, sizes and materials allow to choose a product ideally suited to the need of each client.

FishBox H3

Skrzynka rybacka H3Aquano fishing box is specially designed boxes for use on kurtach, but also outside of the smaller cargo. Their design allows for convenient storage of fish and stacking them freely.

 Equipped with drain holes allow free drainage of water. Different shapes, sizes and materials allows the selection of products ideally suited to the needs of each client.

Ext.dimm. 73,5x44,5x17,5 (cm)
Int.dimm. 65,5x36,5x16,5 (cm)
Weight: 2,8 kg
Volume: 45 lt
Max load: 27 kg
Material: PE