Big Box A1210790S3

Pallet container

The Big Boxes with ventilation slots are used for example as boxes for the harvest or for the storage of fruits and vegetables. They are made of robust, scratch-resistant plastic material. Smooth inner and outer walls ensure easy cleaning.

Standardized dimensions (ISO 1,200 x 1,000 mm) ensure smooth operation in storage and transport processes.


Also stackable with lid

Superimposed load 4 tonnes

availabe with feet, skids or wheels

Outer dimensions (LxWxH):120 x 100 x 79 cm

Inner dimensions (LxWxH):111 x 91 x 61 cm

Design:Base and sides open

3 skids

Material:1 A new material HD-PE

Colour:Silver grey

Volume:670 L

Weight:39 kg